Naive Pomposity

Incessant ramblings from an arrogant Yankees fan, a desperate Knicks fan, and a relentless George Clooney hater.


My name is Cory Galano. I was born and currently reside in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in New York City, I quickly adopted the passion and commitment that all New Yorkers hold for their sports franchises.  Whether it was a Knick/Ranger game in Madison Square Garden, or a Yankee’s game at the original(and far superior) stadium, I immediately fell in love with sports in New York.

For a far too brief five-year period I lived in and attended college in San Diego. While studying at San Diego State University, I quickly discovered that watching movies and participating in the ensuing discussions about those films with my peers was sometimes more fulfilling than going to class and doing homework. A substantial movie collection and a mediocre GPA soon followed.

Sports and Movies have both always been able to take over my mind for period of time. Whether I am watching Kobe Bryant personally bury another team’s hopes in the playoffs or I am watching Heath Ledger’s rendition of “The Joker”, I can’t help but be in awe of the creation that just took place.

Because that is the major similarity between Sports and Film isn’t it?  Neither Kobe’s masterpiece of a 4th quarter in a finals game nor Ledger’s Joker existed before the respective individual created it.



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